Many people want to know how to kill fleas completely or at least control them. In most cases, having a pet means dealing with such parasites. They are commonly seen on dogs, cats, humans and other mammals. These insects are small, wingless and have mouths that are intended for blood sucking. Fleas are not only threatening to the health of your pets; they can also transmit different kinds of diseases to humans. This is the reason why eliminating these parasites should be taken seriously. They also cause your pet’s skin to itch constantly which is a bother to them. They are in constant discomfort when under attack by fleas.  This is why you should try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

dog with fleasThere are so many methods on how to kill fleas in your house. You can use commercial products or some home remedies to get rid of fleas.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

The first option includes soaps, dips, repellent and powder. As soon as you notice certain signs of flea attacks, like excessive scratching and biting specifically on the lower back part or around the tail, you can immediately bath him with an insecticidal soap and warm water. After bathing, you can use a flea dip that contains pyrethrins. Pyrethrin is a concentrated form of pyrethrum which is considered to be an effective and less toxic type of insecticide.

Thus, if you find using a pyrethrin based flea treatment not effective or if you have a cat, using linalool and limonene based treatments would be a great option. These substances are safer to use because they are made from citrus peels. Products that contain these substances are proven to eliminate larva, pupa, eggs, or adult fleas. You can also consider using flea treatment products in powder/dust from. These products are said to be just as effective as those in liquid form. These products usually contain carbaryl and malathion insecticides that can help stop fleas from reaching a certain stage of development.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use the above mentioned flea treatments; you can also get rid of fleas in some other ways. The best way to get rid of fleas is by grooming your pet regularly. When giving him a bath daily, mix eucalyptus, aloe vera, neem or tea tree oil with water. You can also use flea combs when bathing, this should be effective enough to remove fleas. In cases that some parts of the house have already been invaded by fleas, use a vacuum cleaner. It would be the one to suck fleas in all stages of development, not to mention that it doesn’t have any possible bad effects unlike chemical based sprays. You can choose among these options and evaluate the most effective way on how to get rid of fleas. Also, try this reference on how to kill fleas –

The feline qualities of a cat make it one of the most graceful of all domestic animals. This is why it passes as one of the most homely as well as trustworthy of pets. Just like any other species, this one also has different breeds, each with traits that make it distinct from one another. With this in mind, here are the 5 most popular types of cats:

The Siamese

The very name of the Siamese belies the fond feelings that the breed exhibits towards its keepers. As such, the pet has these distinct qualities:

  • It has a muscular build that makes it agile and fast.
  • It is also sleek of frame which adds to its alertness.
  • Its purr is also special in that it has a unique quality to it.
  • The feline also develops friendly attachment to people whom it finds confidential.

The Ragdoll

If homeliness and docility go hand-in-hand, then The Ragdoll is the most perfect creature that combines the two qualities in equal measure. Despite its relatively big size, it is the kind of feline that will always cuddle itself on the lap of the homeowner. The features of this breed among the 5 most popular types of cats include:

  • It weighs up to 20 pounds.
  • It is has a loving disposition.
  • It shows special attachment to interior rather than exterior environments.

The Persian

The Persian is one of the 5 most popular types of cats that deserve grooming, in the literal sense. It is quite confidential to its keeper and develops affectionate rapport with those who pet it. Its prominent features include:

  • It has a loving disposition.
  • It possesses a conspicuous furry body with different colors. This delicate fur needs brushing regularly. It has a fanciful round head with a short muzzle.
  • The breed has always topped the ranks of the feline pets that most homeowners seek to keep.


Among the 5 most popular types of cats, Exotic is one of the most recognizable as it is attractive and has the same round head of its peers in this list. Other features that make it stand out include:

  • It has short fur all over its body.
  • It has a short muzzle that adds a child-like aura to its appearance.
  • Its temperament is that of tenderness for it loves to maintain closeness with people who develop an attachment to it.

Maine Coon

The crown for the most angular among the 5 most popular types of cats goes to the Maine Coon out of its prominently huge body with a symmetrical build. Other physical and temperamental features include:

  • It has a conspicuous coat whose color changes from one strain of the breed to another.
  • The pet is tender and develops closeness with people who pet it.
  • It is also the biggest of all breeds at any home.

Therefore, the 5 most popular types of house cats exhibit the same qualities of attractiveness, gentle dispositions and docile temperaments. They have a way with people, including the fact that they like fondling. They also come in diverse sizes and colors which make them diverse for the enthusiasts of pets.

There are very many beautiful types of birds all over the world with unique features and characteristics. The fact is that not all birds can pets. Some birds are naturally wild and cannot be tamed to be pet while other birds can be very good pets. Here we are going to discuss the 5 most popular types of pet birds worldwide.

1. Cockatiels

According to the survey that was conducted by bird talk magazine the pet bird that most people preferred was the cockatiel .This bird is very popular both amongst experienced bird owners and beginning bird owners. Most people prefer this bird because of the affection that it gives. Angel who is a first time bird owner says that cockatiel is her most preferred pet bird because the bird snuggles up to her when she is tired. The bird also whistles to her every time she passes the doorway of her dining room where the cage of the bird is located. She also says that the bird loves playing with her and also tickles with her ears. Many people who own this pet bid agree that cockatiels are very affectionate birds. Another aspect that makes a lot of people to prefer this bird is due to the fact that the pet bird is relatively inexpensive and also easy to maintain as compared to other pet birds. It eats small amount of food and it also uses a small cage.

2. African grey parrot

The survey that was conducted by bird talk magazine indicated that this is the second most preferred bird worldwide by many people. The main reason as to why this bird is so popular is due to its unique nature of intelligence, quietness and sensitivity which is attractive to many people. Jane who lives in Texas says that she prefers this bird because it is both independent and affectionate. She goes on top say that sometime the bird is able to answer her questions and it is also able to know when she is sad and it will come to her and cuddle. Another benefit as to why most people prefer this bird is because of its size. It has a great size to handle yet it is not to large.

3. Budgerigars

Research indicated that this is the third most popular bird worldwide. The bird is so popular due to its affectionate and playfulness nature. Its cost of maintenance is also relatively cheap it also has a perfect size that enables it to fit almost in any home. The bird has low noise level and they also don’t damage furniture’s. Their toys are also not damaged fast.

4. Cockatoos

Bird talk research indicated that this is forth most popular pet bird worldwide. Most people who own this pet bird said that the bird is loving, gentle and extremely intelligent. The bird is also able to talk although it does not have large range of vocabularies. The bird also knows verbal commands like be quiet, go to sleep and enter into your cage. Umbrella cockatoo is the most favorite and popular type of cockatoos. This pet bird is neither too small to loose nor too large to need a whole room for itself.

5. Conures

This is pet bird is fifth most popular pet bird because they are naturally gentle and quiet except when it is necessary to call for an alarm. For first time bird owners who want to have little more interaction with their pet bird, it is actually the most preferred. The bird can speak some few words and they are also very loyal. They are not extremely messy and they do not destroy their toys. The bird is also affectionate.

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